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the naming of co-production hub competition

We are held a competition to name our new co production building which will be the home to our House Project, Children in Care Council, Care Leavers independence collective, HY5, #YES board, Culture and Diversity, Head Start Y outh A mbassadors and The Reach Café (our care leavers new drop in which will launch following the opening !).

Care Leavers Independent Collective and our Children in Care Council will together decide the winner of the competition. 8 suggestions have been made by young people, the suggestion with the most votes will be chosen as the new name for the hub. The winner of the competition will be awarded a trophy and a voucher for a store of their choice!

We would like you to vote for the new name, here are the 8 finalists:

Friendly Heart- Discrimination Restricted
The Young Ambitions building
Oasis Hub
The Care Together
The Young People’s Innovation and Support Hub
Securing Our Future Hub
Wolves Base United
The Future For Care Leavers

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