Staying safe


in Care

What to do if you’re not happy, or you’re worried about something?

Talk to someone

Sometimes people and places can make you sad or angry. Sometimes these feelings can be too much to handle on your own and its important to remember that you do have people you discuss things with and who can help you.

You can talk about this with:

  • your Independent Reviewing Officer
  • an advocate
  • your foster parent
  • your keyworker
  • a social worker
  • a teacher at school, or
  • another trusted adult.

What to do if you need to make a complaint

If you feel more strongly about a problem and you want to make your views official you can make a complaint.

You can fill in the ‘Have your say’ form which you can your social worker for. You can have help to do this. You can send off form to: Customer Services Customer Feedback Team, Civic Centre, St. Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton WV1 1SH

You can also:


If you are unhappy about something and nobody is helping you sort out the problem you can contact OFSTED.

You can:

  • Call 0300 123 1231
  • Write to: OFSTED, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester M1 2WD