After care


in Care


We want you to feel safe and secure where you live to help you achieve this:

  • You can have access to a range of supported accommodation: hostels, foyers, supported lodgings and social housing
  • When you are a Wolverhampton Homes tenant you can get support from your local community safety team at the neighbourhood police who can give you information on support available in your local area
  • You can access the children who are looked after training flat to help you trial living independently
  • You can access a Transitions flat when you are 16-18-year old if this is right for you. You will receive support from a housing support worker who will support you between 10 – 30 hours per week
  • You can access the emergency accommodation pad in an absolute emergency
  • We work closely with Wolverhampton Homes to ensure that you will not be made intentionally homeless when you are living in a Wolverhampton Homes property
  • We work in partnership with Wolverhampton Homes to support you in securing a tenancy when you turn 18
  • If you are a Wolverhampton Homes care leaver tenant, you will receive rent subsidy on account, to help protect your rent payments
  • If you are a Wolverhampton Homes care leaver tenant, you can get support in receiving essential setting up home items
  • We will provide support to you when you move into your home
  • If you are a care leaver who lives in Wolverhampton you are fully exempt from Council Tax up to the age of 25
  • You will receive up to £2,000 Setting up Home Grant when you move into your accommodation
  • You will be offered priority (Band 1) allocations with Wolverhampton Homes
  • You will have the opportunity to Stay Put in with your foster carer until you are 21
  • If you are leaving custody you will have a visit from the Senior Housing Support Worker to ensure you have a suitable accommodation on release