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adoption@heart helps find families to adopt children and make sure that they, and the children have the help they need.

Connexions Team

Connexions can give you information, advice and practical support to help you get ready for adult and working life.

Disabled Children's and Young People’s Team

The job of this team is to work with disabled children.

For more information call 01902 550911

Fostering Team

The fostering team supports your foster parent and makes sure that they have all the help they need to look after you and that they look after you properly! Our staff offer support to help young people in care and their carer’s family.

Health Team

There is a doctor and nurse whose job it is to help make sure all young people who are in care are healthy. For more information or advice call 01902 444351

Independent Reviewing Officer

When you come into care you will be given an independent reviewing officer.

Your IRO will arrange your Reviews with you and find out how best you can take part. It is important you have a say in your review and your IRO can help express your views.

Your IRO will support you to ensure your voice is heard, that your views are listened to and that people do what they have said they will do.

Your IRO will be in touch with you before every one of your Reviews. You can contact your IRO on 01902 550477


The role of a mentor is to provide personal support and encouragement at decisive or challenging moments in the life of a child who is in care or is a care leaver. Mentors will build relationships with you and work with you to achieve agreed goals.

For more information about Mentors you can speak to your social worker or IRO

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub

There is one main team whose job it is to take new referrals about children and their families.

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) - 01902 555392

Emergency Duty Team (EDT) for emergencies only when other offices are closed - 01902 552999

Social Work Teams

There are two Social Work Teams whose job it is just to work with children and young people in care to make sure that you are safe and well looked after wherever you are living.

You can contact the team on 01902 553013

Strengthening Families Hubs

There are eight Strengthening Families Hubs across the city. Each Hub comprises of social workers and Early Intervention Staff.

Transitions Team

The Transitions team are here to support you as you make transition from care into adult life. The team is made up of social workers and young persons advisors (YPA) who are there to work with you and to give you practical help and guidance. You will be given a YPA between the age of 15 and a half and 16 years old.

Education, Employment and Training Coordinator will support you to find training or a job that’s right for you!

Supported Accommodation The team will work together with you so that you can find somewhere suitable to live independently when the time is right for you to leave care.

Education, Employment and Training – as care leavers, you have targeted advice, information and guidance to support you to access support that is right for you.

You can contact the team on 01902 556439 / 556473

Virtual School Team

The virtual school team support children and young people in care in their education, we do lots of different things like:

  • 1:1 support or tuition for young people
  • Develop exciting projects for young people
  • Make sure you have a Personal Educational Plan (PEP)
  • Support the Education, Employment and Training for care leavers
  • Train staff so they can help you in your education.

If you want to find out what projects there are for you to get involved in, you can find out on pages 24-30. For more information call 01902 556951