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Voices 2021 Creative Writing Competition is here - Enter by March 31st!

We think care experienced young people have powerful, unique voices and we want the whole country to hear them!

We aim to promote a positive image of care-experienced young people by highlighting these young people’s achievements and positive stories. By hearing, and more importantly listening, to their voices we hope to better understand their experience and how to make their lives better. Please share this competition with any children in care or care leavers you know and encourage and support them to enter.

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Supported accommodation survey

As part of the City of Wolverhampton's commitment to Co-Producing services with Young People, we are seeking your views on support accommodation. The information you share on this form will be confidential and used to form part of a wider scheme of co-production for support.

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Care Review Survey

A care review has been launched by the Education Secretary to look at how to improve children's social care across the country. Part of the review is to collect the views of young people on how children's social care can be improved.

The review will focus on key areas that it aims to improve for young people involved with social care. The views of young people from across the country will be collected to look at how young people want things to be improved.

Members of our Children in Care Council and Care Leavers Forum have worked together to create this survey to get your views on what you think can be done better

Please fill in this survey before Wednesday 31st March 8pm to have your voice heard and share your experiences.

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Achievement Videos

Check out the achievements of our Children in Care Council and Care Leavers Forum over the last 12 months in the videos below.


Reviewing your Care Plan

A Review means checking to see if your care plan is still right for you, making sure people are still doing the things they said they will do and seeing whether anything else needs to happen.

Your first review will be within 20 days of coming into care, the next one will be after 3 months and then they will be every 6 months after that. There must be a review before you stop being cared for by the local authority.


  • you can choose how and where the review will happen.
  • you can choose how you want to take part in your
  • no major changes can be made to your care plan
    unless it has been agreed at your review.
  • it is your review so it’s really important that you
    share what you think.

Tips for getting your voice heard:

  • Write down what you want to say - if you don’t feel able to say it at the meeting you can give it to an adult to read out.
  • You could take an advocate or an adult that you feel comfortable with, this may help you feel more confident in having your say.
  • If you decide not to go make sure you talk with an adult so that they know what you think and can tell the meeting.
  • If you are not sure what to say, have a look at The Pledge it’s the promise that City of Wolverhampton Council have made to all Children and Young People in Care.
  • If there is something that has been promised and isn’t happening for you “Speak Up!”


An advocate can work with you to make sure your views, wishes, feelings and thoughts are heard and are listened to. You can have an advocate as part of your Care Plan. Your advocate could help you at your review meetings. You could speak to your advocate if you’re not happy about decisions that are being made. You could have a discussion with your advocate if you’re unhappy about the service you are getting or want to make a complaint.

Children in Care Council

The Children in Care Council represents the children and young people cared for by City of Wolverhampton Council. We are here to be role models, share our views, make our voices heard and get involved in decision making. If you would like to get involved or have any issues you would like to raise, please don’t be shy! Email Corporate.Parenting@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Care Leavers Independence Collective Forum (CLIC)

CLIC represents Care Leavers aged 17-25. We are here to get Care Leavers voices heard, to help shape the Leaving Care Service and make it better for all Care Leavers.

We also get involved in loads of new exciting opportunities:

  • Contribute to and influence change to policies and procedures
  • Interview new staff for Children and Young People Service
  • Run training sessions for social care staff
  • Public speaking
  • Arrange events for care leavers
  • Promote Care Leavers rights.

Loads of benefits for you:

  • Meet up with other care leavers every month
  • Make new friends
  • Find out about help for you
  • Have fun!

For more information contact your participation officer on 01902 556951

Participation Officers

Participation officers are there to make sure that you and other children who are in care get a chance to have your say.

We do that in lots of different ways like:

  • The Children in Care Council
  • Care Leavers Forum
  • Fun projects and events
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • A website for Children and Young People in Care and Care Leavers to engage with you
  • Care Leaver Offer.

Our participation officers would also be happy to meet and talk with you outside the meetings at a time and place that’s convenient with you.

You can contact participation officers on 01902 556951