In care


in Care

Your room and personal belongings

Your bedroom

Children and young people aged 3 years and over must have their own bedroom. In some circumstances, you may be asked to share a bedroom with your sibling, but this will be discussed with you to make sure that its okay and to ensure that your wishes and feelings are taken into account.

Entering your bedroom

We have a rule that we knock before entering your room. Your room is your own space but we ask that you keep it tidy. You can personalise it but within boundaries, for example, your own choice of bedding, posters, pictures, books and personal possessions.

Room searches

To keep you and everyone else safe, we do not allow dangerous items (like lighters, matches, knives, illegal substances, etc.) in the home. Staff may enter your room without permission if they think you have anything in it that may cause harm to your safety, health or welfare.

Personal belongings

All the personal things you have are yours!

This includes:

  • the things your brought from your family
  • presents and clothes bought while you were in care.

If you move to another home all of these things should go with you. If you move you should have a proper bag or suitcase to put all your things in.