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What will happen with school?

When you come into care your social worker will do their best to keep you in the same school as they know it’s important for you to stay with teachers and friends that you know. Sometimes this can’t happen, and you may have to move. This could be because you live too far from your own school, or you may be in danger if you attend your old school. We would always seek your views before we make this decision.

But if you are being moved from your old school and you don’t know why ask your social worker and they will explain to you. If you are unhappy that you have changed your school, you can speak with an Advocate or make a complaint

What’s a designated teacher?

Your designated teacher is someone in school whose job it is to:

  • make sure you and all the other young people in care have the support they need
  • discuss with your teachers and social worker about how you are getting on in school.

Every school has a designated teacher. They are someone you can have chat if you are having any problems in school. To find out who yours is, you can ask your class teacher or tutor or your social worker.

Who are the Virtual School Team?

Wolverhampton’s Virtual School is a service made up of dedicated people to support the education of children in care. They work closely with you, your teachers, your social worker and other key people in your life. They share the same aim to help you achieve your very best in education. They are your ‘extra’ school!

The Virtual School Team want you to achieve your full potential, and for you to be in a position where you are able to gain employment and/or further education following year 11 and post-16 education. The team have Education Support Officers who work closely with schools, and the important people around you, to make sure you have the educational support you need. We are here to ensure you feel safe, enjoy and achieve in education from 0-25.

If you want or need something to help with your learning let your teacher or social worker know, or you can also contact us at: virtual.school@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Or you can read more about the Virtual School Team by visiting Children and Young People | Wolverhampton Virtual School.

Your Personal Education Plan (PEP)

Your personal education plan (PEP) meeting is all about how you are doing at school and how to ensure you get the most from your education opportunities. Your PEP is part of your care plan. It aims to support you to make the best of your education so that you achieve to the best of your ability.

You will then have frequent meetings review progress, usually termly. Meetings are most often during school time but speak to your social worker and teacher if you would like it at another time.

To find out more about your PEP visit Personal Education Plan (PEP) | Children and Young People | Wolverhampton Virtual School.