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in Care

Your social worker

Why do you have a social worker?

All children and young people who are in care have to have a social worker – that’s what the law says! Your social worker has been trained to work with you, your family and the people who look after you. It’s their job to make sure you are safe, have a good education, health care and positive opportunities.

Your social worker is there to:

  • work with you
  • find out about your wishes and feelings
  • listen to you
  • support you
  • help you to make decisions about your life.

How often should you see your social worker?

When you come into care or move to a new carer, Then you get a visit at least once in the first week, and every 6 weeks after that. After you’ve been with your carer for one year, then how often your social worker will visit will depend what the plan is for you. If you feel you need more visits then you can have a chat with your social worker or Independent Reviewing Officer.