After care


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What happens when you turn 16?

You will get the help of one of the Transition Team’s young persons advisors (YPAs) who will be appointed to you some time between 15 1/2 and 16 years. Your YPA will work alongside your social worker to help you complete a Pathway Plan to make sure you are prepared to move on to independent living until your 18th birthday. After your 18th birthday you will no longer have a social worker but your YPA will continue to support you up until you are 25 if requested.

This will include making sure you have the right financial assistance, a place to move onto that’s right for you and any other help and support that you might need. If you have any questions you can ask your social worker. Or for more information visit careleavers.com and wolverhampton.gov.uk/win

Continuing to live with your foster carer

When you reach 18 years, where appropriate you will be given the opportunity to continue to live with your foster carer. In general staying put arrangements are designed to:

  • Ensure that you can experience a transition to adulthood similar to that of their peers, within a supportive family environment
  • Ensure that you are not obliged to leave their former foster family before they feel ready to move into greater independence
  • Help you when leaving care to maximise opportunities for education, employment or training
  • Ensure you when you leave care you develop the necessary emotional and practical skills before you live independently.

If you have any questions you can ask your social worker.