After care


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What happens when you turn 16?

Here you will find out about the support available in Wolverhampton to those young people who have been in care and are now aged 16-25.

Recent changes in Law – Children and Social Work Act 2021

The provision for care leavers has been extended to include young people aged 22-25 who are not in education. If you are a care leaver you can use this website to find out what support, you are able to access.

The Local Offer has been created with input from young people and other professionals who support care leavers in Wolverhampton

What to expect from City of Wolverhampton Council?

The Council and its Partners are the “ Corporate Parent” to children and young people in Wolverhampton who are currently or have been in care.

Being a corporate parent means the council and its partners, do everything it can for the children and young people in or leaving the council’s care to give them all the opportunities that other children and young people get. We are ambitious for the children in our care and care leavers, we want to encourage you to dream big

Wolverhampton Promise

The City of Wolverhampton’s Pledge to care leavers is:

  • To respect and honour your identity
  • To listen to you
  • To always believe in you
  • To keep you informed
  • To support and guide you
  • To find you a safe home
  • To be your champion
  • To be realistic and honest

What does the REACH Team do?

The REACH Team is made up of Young People’s Advisors ( YPA) who are there to support you and help you live independently and will give you support and advice after you leave care.

The amount of support you will get depends on what you would like and your circumstances.

Your YPA will talk to you about what support you need and record the information in your Pathway Plan.

Your Pathway Plan is written with you, and the important people in your life. It sets your needs, views, and your goals. Your YPA will regularly update this with you to it is kept up to date. Remember to access any of our offer please speak to your Young Person’s Advisor (YP) at any time.