After care


in Care


We want to support you to have high aspirations for yourself and enable you to reach your full potential, you may already have an idea about what sort of career or further education you might like to gain. Whatever your outcome your Personal Advisor will be able to help you. You can have:

  • A Personal Education Plan ( PEP) to help you in post 16 education, employment, or training.
  • You can have support from and Education, Employment and Training Coordinator ( EET)

Attending University

  • You are entitled to finance support if you attend a University
  • You can receive support to buy books
  • You can get support when leaving University and what your options might be next

Carers Advice

  • You can attend a weekly drop-in session at The REACH Hub every Thursday for career advice and support
  • You can get support from Connexions, who provide careers advice and support to young people aged 13-19, and up to age 25 if you have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). To contact Connexions or make an appointment with a Personal Advisor call 01902 554499 or email connexions@wolverhampton.gov.uk .
  • You can sign up to the Impact programme who can help with getting skills and advice for jobs or to get back into education : IMPACT

Interview Help

  • You can get support to help buy clothes for an interview
  • You can get support from your YPA to attend interviews and appointments with benefit services/work coaches.
  • Your EET Coordinator can help with interview skills and organise mock interviews for you before you attend your real one.
  • You can access free dry-cleaning services through Timpson’s Cleaners to help you to prepare for interviews


  • The City of Wolverhampton Council offer 8 apprenticeships for Care Leavers to apply for, these are in:
    • 3 in Children and Young Peoples Services
    • 5 in Wolverhampton Homes
    • As a care leaver you will be guaranteed an interview for any of these apprenticeships you apply for.
    • As a Wolverhampton Care Leaver, you will be able to apply for these apprenticeships at an “internal” stage (as long as you meet the job requirements) rather than when they are published for “general” applications
  • You will receive a £1000 support when you start an apprenticeship
  • You can find out about opportunities on getting into work through WorkBox. Here you will find The City of Wolverhampton Council multiple apprenticeship opportunities available to you

Travel to Work, Training or Education

  • You can access a 16-18 photocard which entitles all 16-18-year-olds to buy child rate tickets for travel on the bus, train and tram. The 16-18 photocard is available to those in full-time education, apprentices, trainees and those in employment
  • You could be entitled to an English National Concessionary if you are registered disabled you can have free travel by bus anywhere in England during 'off-peak' times from Monday to Friday.

You can visit the REACH Café drop in centre every Thursday, 1pm – 6pm to meet with your peers, YPA’s and a variety of support services to help and support you whatever you need.