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Independent Reviewing Officer


When you come into care you will be given an independent reviewing officer.

Your IRO will arrange your Reviews with you and find out how best you can take part. It is important you have a say in your review and your IRO can help express your views.

Your IRO will support you to ensure your voice is heard, that your views are listened to and that people do what they have said they will do.

Your IRO will be in touch with you before every one of your Reviews. You can contact your IRO on 01902 550477


Hello everyone, I am the Safeguarding Manager for Wolverhampton, which means I manage the Team of IROs. I wanted to remind you all that your IROs are still here and working hard for you, even though we are not visiting and coming out to see you for your Reviews at the moment. All of the IROs miss seeing you but have been telling me of all the ways they have kept in touch with you over WhatsApp and Video Calls and it sounds like that has been working quite well.

As some of you will know, the Children In Care council had been working with the IROs to change how we do our Reviews, so they are better for you and make it easier for you to get involved and take charge of your Reviews. I had planned to tell you more about this at the I Awards and we were going to start the new way of doing things in the Summer….we might have to wait a bit longer now, but the IROs and Social Workers are still working hard to get ready to start doing this once we are back to normal. I will keep you posted as things develop.

Here is a piece from one of the IROs, to explain how she has been working with her young people to do Reviews while we are in ‘lockdown’. Please remember you can still contact your IRO by phone/text/email. You can contact us if you have a problem that needs sorting, or to tell us your good news – we love to hear from you!

If you don’t have your IROs contact details you can call 01902 550477 or email youriro@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Hi my name is Sylvia Young and I am a IRO (Independent Reviewing Officer) I thought I would let you know how things have been going since the ‘lockdown’.

Reviews have been taking place in different ways. For one young person who doesn’t have a lap top we did it by having his social worker and housing worker on ‘Microsoft Teams’ (everyone is talking about Teams) this is a video link that works through your email address, and he was on his phone. This was one of the first reviews I did in the new world and it worked surprisingly well. I spoke to the young person before the review and again after to see how he thought it had gone. TBH he felt it was better because he didn’t feel he was hanging around waiting for people and people listened. (You can only have one person speaking at a time).

Another one that I did was on the Microsoft teams video. His carer was using a headset (I use a headset) This means that you can hear other people better and they can hear you. This helps with only one person speaking at once too. I thought he looked like a pilot with the headset on. Not quite sure what he thought of me.

As the lockdown has continued and we are still working at home I feel I’m getting to grips with the tech and the feedback I have had from the children and young people has been really positive and

from my point of view I feel that there has been a much better interaction with the children and young people with more taking part in their meeting.

From talking to the other IRO’s they are getting the same feedback however we would like to say we do miss actually seeing you all.