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Independent Reviewing Officer


When you come into care you will be given an independent reviewing officer.

Your IRO will arrange your Reviews with you and find out how best you can take part. It is important you have a say in your review and your IRO can help express your views.

Your IRO will support you to ensure your voice is heard, that your views are listened to and that people do what they have said they will do.

Your IRO will be in touch with you before every one of your Reviews. You can contact your IRO on 01902 550477


Hello everyone, I am Sarah, one of the IRO Team Managers for Wolverhampton. Take a look at the new ‘your review’ section of the website. This explains all about the role of the IRO alongside explaining the process behind your review. Most importantly we want your review to work for you. To do this we need your involvement in the planning, your views to be clear in the meeting and your feedback after. 

You will be seeing a lot more of your IRO in person now COVID restrictions are over. Your IRO will aim to visit in person for each review unless you ask them not too, in that situation they can visit you yearly. We have created online consultation forms to make it easier for you to share your views before your review. You can still share your views in person, over the phone, text or using the paper forms, whatever is best for you. 

As the Team Manager I always like to know if we are doing a good job. We are in the final stages of creating a feedback form which we hope you will complete after each review. You can share this anonymously but we would like you to include your details so we can make this better for you if we are doing things not so well. If you don’t have your IROs contact details or you wish to speak to me directly you can call on 01902 550477 or email youriro@wolverhampton.gov.uk

We are stronger when we listen and smarter when we share, I would love to hear from you.